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H-111 Vertical Latch

Type H-111


Recommended for standard height and extremely tall doors requiring automatic, positive high strength bolting action with latching pressure at the head and sill…(can be installed on either hinge side or stop side)…can also be used on the inactive leaf of double doors with the Adhaco H-120 System installed on active lead of double-door. Standard fasteners included are hex head cap screws. Has a Special longer bottom bolt, socket head (high strength) fasteners, extra bottom bolt guide. Features include positive retraction and retention of latch bolts when the door is open; prevents dragging and floor damage automatic latching when the door is closed. Adjustable linkage rods, attractive cast handle with safety torque return spring. Corrosion resistant, high strength malleable iron castings rugged 1¼" cold rolled steel bolts, standard finish U.S. Prime, other finishes available. Standard weight: 60 lbs. minimum


Latch hardware will be Adhaco H-111 Two Point Vertical Slam Latch, positive acting, adjustable, vibration-proof and pressure exerting. Latching will be two 1¼" diameter cold rolled steel bolts interconnected by adjustable control rods to be cast malleable operating handy. Movement of operating handle simultaneously retracts latch bolts. Bolts shall be retained in the retracted position until the door is slammed closed allowing the latch bolts to automatically engage the strikes. Spring-back of the operating handle shall be prevented by a concealed safety torque return spring. Structural analysis shall be provided by manufacturer indicating strengths of hardware tarnished.


Standard = Std. Latch height is 7'-0". Std. latch sizes are up to 12'-0" high. Special = All doors more than 16'-0" high and/or latches requiring optional features.