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H-122 Vertical Latch

Type H-122


One handle controls up to five vibration-proof roller latches making the Adhaco
H-122 Multi-Point Latch the perfect solution for the large and tall Industrial doors. For the average size door, two latches normal provide the necessary sealing power. When the door closes, its inertia activates the H-122’s “slam action” to secure and seal the door panel against compression stops. This latching system is unequalled for weather-tight, sound–proof, or pressure resistant doors.
The natural pull action of the single release handle simultaneously retracts for all latch points and opens the door easily. Optional through-the-door latching is available with either a panic lever or panic bar release from the stop side. The panic lever/bar release automatically over-rides optional key lock, though the door is securely locked from the outside, for immediate panic exit action. Strikes are adjusted to vary compression and to correct for misalignment.
Standard features include two latching points, single pull release handle, fixed strikes, corrosion-resistant high strength malleable iron castings, 1 ½” precision-machined steel bolts with special flat tongue. Panic push pad release (P3) on stop side. Standard finish is U.S. Prime, other finishes available.  Standard weight 59 lbs minimum. Fasteners are socket head cap screws.


Latching hardware to be surfaced-mounted heavy-duty Adhaco Multi-Point Latch units shall be positive acting, slam type vibration-free, and pressure exerting. Latching to be achieved by slam actuated 1 1/1” machined steel bolt engaging fixed roller action strikes. Number of latching points shall be as required to close and latch door, and to provide adequate compression against door stops. A single pull handle release to be provided which simultaneously retracts all latching bolts. Stop side unlatching, where indicated, shall be a panic release bar, lever, (or push pad release). Key operating latch to be provided where indicated. Key operated latch to be unlocks automatically by the panic lever or panic bar. Structural analysis shall be furnished by manufacturer indicating strengths of items furnished.


Standard – For doors 7’-0” high requiring two latch points, without optional features.
Special – All doors more than 7’0” high and/or requiring optional features.