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412 Hinge

Type H412

High capacity, heavy duty, precision made hinges provide an easy means of installing large industrial doors with proper fit-up, insuring trouble-free operation. Patented adjustable feature allows hinge and attached door to be positioned in or out, right or left, up or down for perfect alignment and plumb swing. Note that neither hinge strap nor pintle need to be removed or loosened to make any adjustments.

Extra heavy-weight, corrosion resistant, cast malleable or ductile iron pintle and hinge strap and lifetime lubricated iolite bronze thrust and radial bearings assure finger tip operation. Standard offset permits door to be mounted flush with face and of frame Special offsets available upon request). Hinges furnished completely assembled with mounting screws ready for installation. Standard finish U.S. Prime, other finishes available.
Standard weight with 15” strap 17 lbs.


Cadmium or Chrome plated
Security Fasteners (non-removable)