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417 Hinge

Type H417

Six-way Adjustable “Blast” Hinge

Extra heavy and extra high capacity of H-417 hinge exceeds capabilities of H-412 hinge.  Patented adjustable features allow door to be adjusted in all 6 possible directions during installation and forever after to reestablish perfect alignment and plumb swing. The “blast” and extra load carrying capacity are achieved by gusset in cast ductile iron strap, socket head (120,000 psi) pintle bolt and socket head fasteners.
Type H-417 hinge has standard offset below frame. For flush conditions, shim is provided as an option.
Standard composition of blast  hinge pintle and strap are ductile iron 604018, exceeding the properties listed in the analysis section. Lifetime lubricated iolite bronze thrust and radial bearings allow minimal openings/flossing pressure. Hinges furnished assembled. Standard finish U.S. Prime. Standard weight 20 lbs.


Larger diameter pintle bolt
Security fasteners (non removable)
Note: hinges can be welded
Cadmium or chrome plating
Ball bearing
5/`6” x 3” x 11” shim or as required.

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