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We are specialists .... only manufacturing  hardware for the heavy, large or unusual door applications.  Our built in adjustable features and heavier duty construction will allow operations for many decades instead of many years!!    Our hardware is usually 50% greater in weight than other companies standards and our true durability is usually 5-10 times greater!!  Our patented six way adjustment feature™ means that, even if a building settles, or the door bows, or the frame was not square, our adjustable hinge will allow the door to swing freely/close properly.  Our latches & sealing devices have similar features. Adhaco hardware was founded back in 1934 by Louis Rysdon Sr. as a division of Rysdon Industries. After selling off the Firecraft door division, Adhaco Hardware became the premier industry specialist in heavy duty hinges and latches  We are proud to have been used throughout the U.S. and worldwide, by the military, some of the largest public and private corporations, public utilities, space projects, atomic generated power plants, ect...  Adhaco Hardware is located in Lansing, Illinois off I-80 at the Indiana-Illinois border.